Customer testimonials


“A wonderful artist and a gentleman too. Finn was so lovely to deal with. His work captured the essence of our amazing friend. Couldn’t recommend Finn highly enough!”
Donna - Ireland

”I had a commissioned work done and shipped to USA. Beautiful work! I highly recommend!”
Erin- USA

Brilliant talent. Very responsive to correspondence. Worked very hard to get it "just right" for me.”
Sharon - USA

Finn is absolutely dedicated to providing only the best product. His passion for his work is plain in everything he does. He's done three pieces for me to date, and has never let a challenge get in the way of creating something truly special.”
Charline - Ireland

A picture paints a thousand words! Whilst the portrait is a delight to us, our musical daughter was amazed by the detail on her much loved fiddle”
Laura - Ireland

”Finn created a stunning portrait of a couple for me as a wedding gift to them. I highly recommend his artwork!”
Maryann - USA



“Fantastic Artwork Beautifully Drawing, Such a likeness to each subject... One of my favourites has to be the Legend Himself Luke Kelly! keep up the Great work that you do Finn! Good luck!”
Mickey - Ireland

Finn wonderfully reproduced an old picture of my grandmother. He is very talented and easy to work with. Highly recommend!”
Kaci - United States

I commissioned Finn to draw myself playing my Uilleann pipes. He's such a talented artist who draws, not in a photo realistic style but in a style which captures the essence of the subject. The detail is astonishing. The result is always spectacular. I draw portraits too but it will be a long time before I'm as good as Finn”
Terry - United Kingdom